The Journey Begins


Well well well ! I still don’t know what name I should be giving my blog. Initially I thought “My Life My Way”, “2nd Innings”, “Experiences through Mistakes”. Well I haven’t decided yet. I hope by end on this first blog, I will have a name so that I can publish it for you all to give it a read.

I haven’t thought on what I should write in my very first blog, now do you get it why I haven’t been able to name my blog. My husband says it is a very good idea that I am planning to write. Oh yeah! At this stage I will introduce myself and my family. So, the story begins like this.

We are a family of two. I know what you are thinking, how can a family have only 2 members. Me and my husband call us both a family as we want to lead a life on our own terms and not be bound by parents, kids and so on.

We married almost 6.5 years back in a lovely city that we were born in and things changed from then on. I had a distributed childhood and on the contrary my husband had a great childhood. I was never loved, and he was always loved.  From the time I am married I have been loved and loved time and again by my husband. I am not wrong if I say he is my angel. A miracle that happened in my life.

What is our purpose in life. This blog is an attempt to find my purpose in life. I have no idea how far I will go, I have my doubts if I will be writing a second one, but that is not something to be thought of at this stage. As I have learnt, never say Never.

I am in an attempt to not relate to any religion, particular god or anything. Purpose of life is beyond all these. i think I am going to name my blog as “Talking Parrot”. Why this name? Simple… parrots don’t talk nonsense unless they are thought to.